hello and welcome on brainfeed.me!  


about me

i'm sacha and right now i couldn't be happier and more excited to have you here - thank you for dropping by, i hope you are hungry for more. 

i'm a zurich-based home cook. i love cooking, i love food, i love presenting food, i love talking about food, i love taking picture of food, i love reading recipes and imaging the smell of all those ingredients combined together, their taste, their look. i like to put my multicultural background into my recipes as i like trying totally new flavors.   

i was dreaming to become a chef. i became a teacher - and quite a passionate one. after many years of teaching languages to teenagers i did a postgraduate degree in home economics with focus on nutrition and cooking. it is during this time that i have become most interested in the power of food on our bodies and most importantly the effects that food has on our brain. 

brainfood is my favorite food because it is based on products i absolutely adore, and on ecological principles i can strongly relate to. just mentioning fish, fruits and vegetables, wholegrain locally sourced products as well as minimal processing, low fat, low sugar and less meat my mouth starts to water and i feel this urge, this need to cook. i just can't stop.

so let's get started! it is here on brainfeed.me that i'll keep you posted on my thoughts, experiences, successes and failures, my recipes and photos. enjoy!