You'll never forget your first time

Last weekend I had the pleasure to cook for 15 sporty people at a private party. In my last post I wrote a short list of the points one should follow when cooking for a crowd of people. Remember number 1? Get help as soon as possible? Well yeah, I should really have followed my list. Event though everything went really well, I wish I had some help.

The guests took part in a relay race in Zurich (Well done!!!) and after that they all attended hungry my friends' dinner party. I created a special smoothie to regenerate our body after such physical effort: Green Energy Welcome Smoothie (recipe to come) a delicious and refreshing drink with all important vitamins and minerals coming from kiwis, bananas, lemons, apples, courgettes, kale, spinach, avocado, peppermint, olive oil, a pinch of salt and almond milk.

I was told to cook a choice of pasta so I prepared two different kinds, two very different worlds of flavors: A Soba Noodle Salad, a dish I have already presented to you in a previous post, and Pici della Nonna (recipe to come), a recipe my grandmother used to cook back in Istria, Croatia. For the Pici I used a special hard wheat from a local organic production that a friend of mine generously gave to me (Thank you again Barbara), and then spent hours preparing the pasta. The sauce was cooked over low heat for about 4 hours. 

My dessert, a Whole Wheat Blueberry Pie (recipe to come) was a total discovery. The sweet and nutty taste of the dough together with the juicy sour splashy taste of the blueberries was to die for.

I made the little mistake of taking out the pasta a bit too soon with the result that it was a bit al dente, and my plating could have been better. Here I wish I had some help in order to better concentrate on my plating. However, all in all it was a big success: everybody got their food at the same time, everybody seemed to enjoying their food, most of the guests asked for a second round and I got my first applause (kind of a cool feeling!). I'll always remember this event as my first big success. Thank you Werner & Patrick for this big chance.

A special THANK YOU to Andreas for all your support!


8008 Zürich, Switzerland