Thailand is calling

thailand is probably the most beautiful country i have ever visited. friendly people, interesting culture, incredible dramatic sceneries, powerful nature, sandy untouched beaches and a delicious cuisine. thai cuisine is my favorite - there is no doubt about this. it is tasty, spicy, sweet, sour, playful, interesting, light, has many vegetarian options, lots of fresh products but above all it serves one of the healthiest food you can eat.

these are the most common ingredients used in thai cuisine: turmeric, galangal, lemongrass, coriander, chilies and coconut milk. looking up the benefits they have on our body, it is quite stunning to notice that they all have a mini super power on our body.

turmeric is known as an anti-inflammatory agent, helping to relieve allergy symptoms as well as arthritis and it is also a powerful anti-oxidant, that can protect the body from damage by toxins and free radicals. 

first used in china and java galangal was already well known and commonly used in the middle ages throughout europe. it has been found to favor digestion, improve blood circulation in hands and feet and fight inflammation.

lemongrass, a fresh and gentle tasting plant, always finds its way into a Thai dish and it's quite powerful against flus and colds, feversheadaches and abdominal pain and other stomach conditions. while reading about lemongrass online i have come across an article stating that there have been scientific studies on the many health benefits of Thai dishes, above all Tom Yum Soup, which lemongrass is the base of.

coriander has been already used by healers in greece and rome. its benefits are most commonly linked to gastrointestinal trouble, digestive problems, bacterial infections and loss of appetite.

chilies help you sleep better, keep your heart healthy, and help maintain consistent insulin and glucose levels. of all the chilies it seems cayenne pepper is one of the most powerful in terms of health benefits.

coconut milk is extremely healthy. it lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), while promoting good cholesterol, it boosts immunity, modulates metabolic functions, provides valuable fatty acids and fights aging.

i'll be soon leaving to thailand and along all sort of experiences and adventures i'll be making - riding along the boarder of burma and thailand high up on a mountain, kayaking down the mekong river and hiking through the jungle -  i'll also attend some cookery classes in chiang mai in order to discover the taste of northern thailand. i can't wait to post new interesting and healthy recipes. hope you'll enjoy it.