Brainpower thanks to protein

our brain is an incredible organ. it controls an uncountable number of tasks: it controls body temperature, blood pressure, breathing, physical activity (like walking, talking, standing, sitting), it lets you think, dream and observe an avalanche of information coming from the world around you (like seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting). it doesn't come as a surprise that even though our brain only weight 2% of our body weight, it needs up to 20% of the energy produced by our body to work at its best - and it needs it constantly.

the brain is made of about 100 millions nerves cells called neurons. they have the ability to receive and transmit electrochemical signals. in other words they have the ability to communicate among each other. every single neuron can communicate with about 10.000 other neurons and  they do so through their messenger chemicals - neurotransmitters. 

to build neurotransmitters your brain needs protein - no protein, no communication. when you eat protein, your body breaks it down into individual amino acids. certain amino acids can affect cognition and mood, they can sedate or frustrate, others can motivate or they can focus. it is a matter of fact that eating the right protein will help you focussing and staying alert. by choosing the right ones you can better your brain performance.

what are the most important sources of protein for your brain?

1. for concentration, alertness and activity drink milk, eat milk products,  fish, seafood, low-fat meat, reduced fat cheese and legumes (beans, chickpeas). especially for lunch this would be the perfect choice.

2. to better save and remember new information eat cereals, vegetables, nuts and low-fat meat. 

3. to better think and multitask, for a good mood, for your well-being and relaxation eat soybeans, peanuts, cashew nuts, eggs, wheat and rice.

absolute no-goes are all kind of sausages, bacon, fatty cheese and fatty sauces and cream. for lunch hands off those creamy noodles you get in almost every restaurant, forget that sausage by the lake and don't even think of having a fondue.

today i recommend a nice venison filet on a light chocolate sauce with low-fat quark spätzli, red cabbage and poached pears. the benefits of venison i have on my plate today are:

  • no additives or hormones
  • high in iron, minerals and vitamins
  • low in calories, low in fat and low in cholesterol (50% less fat than beef)
  • AND very high in protein which is just that tasty dose my neurons need to start chatting. 

venison = brainergy. enjoy!

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