The Forbidden Rice

thousand of years ago noble Chinese men took possession of a very special kind of rice - the black rice, and reserved it only for the highest elite class. it was meant to feed only the royalties and banned from common people's consumption. nobody was allowed to grow it, which soon lead to a new, most intreaguing name - the forbidden rice.

even though black rice is less popular than brown rice, wild rice or other kinds, its health benefits are quite stunning. the forbidden rice should definitely change its name to mandatory rice.

Black Rice Benefits

  • its purple-black color indicates high levels of antioxidants, which (like blueberries, cranberries and raspberries) help improve brain function, protect against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  • black rice helps protecting heart health by reducing bad cholesterol levels.
  • it can help cleanse the body from toxic substances thus reducing body inflammations.
  • it's a perfect source of fiber!
  • it's a gluten free grain.
  • black rice helps the slow absorption of sugar in the blood helping to prevent diabetes.

if these reasons haven't convinced you, its delicious earthy nutty flavor definitely will! try out my recipe!.

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