Peppered Mussels - Impepata di Cozze

finally i am at sea!! in a lovely little fishing village called Castiglione della Pescaia in the province of Grosseto. nice beaches, relaxed way of living, no time pressure and about 40°C. my only daily concern is what to eat with this heat. 

what i love doing here is to get my fish directly from the fishers as soon as they hit the harbor, pack it with some ice and go home to start cooking it. this is what i did today with 1.8 kg of mussels. big, fresh, juicy, light and incredibly tasty.




mussels contain a lot of long chain fatty acids which are those we want to improve brain function. they are also rich in vitamins (B12, B, C) and in iron. 

GOOD TO KNOW: according to the 'most of the mussels we eat these days are cultivated on ropes suspended from floating rafts in clean waters. they plump up naturally on plankton, converting it into nutritious meaty flesh. farmed mussels are environmentally benign, and some research suggests their cultivation may have an overall beneficial effect on the marine ecosystem'.