BRAIN FOOD at McDonald's

i’ve been meditating about my first post for weeks now. i wanted something special, something tasty and tasteful, appealing to everyone. i wanted the nr. 1 brainfood dish with the perfect picture to be my first post. you know one of those pictures you’d like to rip out of the book and start eating so good it looks.

well little did i know that these would be my first words: brain food at mc donald’s.

shocking as it might sound mc donald’s in aarau switzerland is now selling quite a wide range of meals as brainfood targeting those who need it probably the most - students. ’BRAINFOOD - enjoy your lunch break with a student meal for only 15 CHF’ is what the add says. the first thing that popped to my mind was: what? has mc donald started selling brain food meals? what ingredients can i expect in these meals: apples? a nice fresh salad? broccoli maybe? nuts? definitely whole grain bun... beetroot… and perhaps a slice of avocado!!

well almost: 

chicken nuggets, chips and coke or


cheeseburger, chips and coke or


big mac, chips and coke 

for only 15 CHF. 

hmm, these meals don't seem to be very new. have people been eating brain food at mc donald’s for all these years without even knowing it? or have mc-ingredients changed in the last couple of days? have mc-researchers found the true brainfood components? it’s hard to say. it is a fact though that mc donald's brain food doesn't sound nor look very sexy!

one thing i learnt about brainfood is that if you want to keep your brain fit and awake, perfectly working even after your lunch break you should NOT be eating:

food high in calories


food with too much sugar (like coke & ketch-up)


refined grains (like white bread)

as this could negatively affect your digestion as well as your brain performance. unfortunately that thin slice of tomato, which is indeed quite a good braingredient (well done mc!) and that tiny little piece of lettuce do not supply your body with enough vitamins. in order to get the vitamin C that you need in a day, you should in fact eat 16 double hamburgers.  the only problem is that in doing so, you would also eat 8 days of fat and about 2.5 days of carbohydrate which doesn’t really add up. 

could this be just a spelling mistake?

unfortunately i don't think so.

what should you eat then for lunch in order to show a top performance at work or at school? well keep it light! you don't want all your blood rushing down to your stomach in order to digest that huge amount of fat and sugar. have some fish or chicken with some steamed vegetables, a slice of whole grain bread, an apple and some water. doesn't this sound sexy?! 

 wanna feed your brain properly? follow me on here. next time the perfect brainfood burger!