Just do it!

It has almost been forever that common belief has considered the heart as the seat of emotions. Many are in fact the expressions that can testify it. To have your heart in your mouth describes a state of anxiety or fear, a broken heart is used when faced with a personal loss. You can cross your heart to stress that you're telling the truth or you can just have a heart when you want to be courageous. You can even wear your heart upon your sleeve, like Othello did in Shakespeare's famous play, to make your feelings known to everyone and show how vulnerable you are.

However, research has proven that the real source of all our feelings is the brain. To be more precise it is the frontal lobes that seem to be involved in emotions. These are the same lobes that are responsible for higher level of thinking, which makes this finding even more interesting as it implies that our thinking may well affect the way we feel and vice versa. 

To take this thought just one step further we can safely say that we can use our thoughts to affect and even change our feelings in an important direction - towards happiness. We can affect our feelings doing many different things: meditate, do physical activity, eat healthy food, spend time with loved ones, have fun, laugh, travel, have sex, socialize, learn new things, meet new people, celebrate accomplishments or just do fun activities.

As Bill Murray once said: 'Life is so damn short. For f*uck's sake, just do what makes you happy!'.

I cook. And this makes me happy. What do you do?


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