Meatless Monday

meatless monday is an initiative i have become more familiar with during my last trip to NYC. on the 4th day of my trip, on a monday, i attended an indian cookery class at degustibus cooking school. Vikas Khanna, star chef at Junoon, a stunning indian restaurant in the flatiron district explained how the concept meatless monday has started gaining momentum in most restaurants in manhattan, as consuming meat the way we do won't be sustainable for much longer.

meatless monday is nothing new. in fact during World War I the U.S. Food administration pushed families to reduce consumption of key staples to aid the war effort under the motto 'Food Will Win the War'. meatless monday and wheatless wednesday were introduced and the effect was overwhelming: more than 13 million families observed the national initiative. 

after another come-back during World War II, meatless monday started again in 2003 and has grown into a global movement powered by a network of participating individuals, hospitals, schools, worksites and restaurants around the world. this post is to encourage everyone in doing the same.

why should we eat less meat?

1. for your health

  • reduce heart disease and stroke

  • limit cancer risk
  • fight diabetes
  • prevent obesity
  • live longer
  • improve the nutritional quality of your diet

2. for the environment

  • minimize water usage - the water needs of livestock are much greater than those of vegetables and grains.

    approximately 15.000 liters of water are needed to produce a single kilo of beef
    approximately 200 liters of water are needed to produce a kilo of vegetables

  • reduce greenhouse gases

  • reduce fuel dependence

3. for your bank account

  • today i cooked for 2. for all dishes on today's post i spent: 121.30 CHF - that's an average of 7.50 CHF (7.70 $) each per dish!

no more reasons needed - go vegetarian every monday!


garlicky spinach with mushrooms


old school papaya salad


okra with yogurt and garlic curry


ginger elderflower lassi


green lentils, spinach & chipotle


creamy avocado and coconut soup


pomegranate honey tofu smoothie