Cook & go!

It's been far too long since the last time I posted something on The main reason is - lack of time. As I haven't had much time to cook and have been eating too much take-outs lately I had to come up with fast new recipes In order to keep fit, healthy and still enjoy the real flavor of food and its benefits without missing any deadlines at work. 

Cook & Go is about recipes that shouldn't take you longer then 15 minutes to prepare. Enjoy!



more recipes to come...

Flavorful Tuscany

It's been a week now that I've had the pleasure to travel around Tuscany. The culture of the cities, the peace and quiet on the hills of the countryside, the smell coming from the fields are just few of the aspects I love about Tuscany. 

But what strikes me the most every time I visit this magic places is people's passion and unstopping pleasure for food. Food here is the topic of exciting moments, unforgettable memories, of endless conversations, arguments and most elaborated plans.

Spending 24/7 talking about food might sound quite boring and it definitely does come as a confusing surprise when you end up doing the exact same thing. But Italy is a place where products taste so mindblowingly good that all you can and want to do - before, during and after your meals - is to talk, talk and talk about food, and eat all these incredible products.

I personally adore walking around in markets and see how people loudly and lively interact with each other, talk to their customers, how they beautifully present their products, eat while serving, offer you a taste just because they thought the hat you were wearing looked great. How fantastic is this! It might be my holiday spirit, but people here really seem genuinely friendly, warmhearted and so nice. I am sure this is also why food tastes so much better here. 

My dishes for you today have all been cooked with fresh, local and organic ingredients and most importantly with lots of love - and you will taste it. Enjoy!

octopus salad

(thank you nicole for reminding me of this delicious dish)

Just do it!

Just do it!

It has almost been forever that common belief has considered the heart as the seat of emotions. Many are in fact the expressions that can testify it. To have your heart in your mouth describes a highest state of anxiety or fear, a broken heart is used when faced with a terrible loss. You can cross your heart to stress that you're telling the truth or you can just have a heart when you want to be courageous.

Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday

meatless monday is an initiative i have become more familiar with during my last trip to NYC. on the 4th day of my trip, on a monday, i attended an indian cookery class at degustibus cooking school. Vikas Khanna, star chef at Junoon, a stunning indian restaurant in the flatiron district explained how the concept meatless monday has started gaining momentum in most restaurants in manhattan, as consuming meat the way we do won't be sustainable for much longer.